Get Started with blueEHR
  • 09 Jul 2024
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Get Started with blueEHR

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Elevate your healthcare practice with blueEHR! Welcome to a new era of streamlined, efficient, and data-driven healthcare. Our robust EHR application revolutionizes decision support and backend operations through dynamic interfaces. Customizable to your unique needs, blueEHR empowers providers, clinical facilities, and hospital networks to shape workflows and treatment plans, elevating the quality of patient care. Explore how blueEHR optimizes strategies, enhances patient services, and delivers insights through powerful analytics and reports. Experience the future of healthcare management with confidence.


Appointments and Integrated Care


Effectively manage your clinical practice’s schedule.

Patient Facesheet

Insights, from demographics to medical history, all in a single, organized view.

Encounter Notes

Empowers providers to streamline workflows, personalize care, and foster enhanced collaboration.

Care Coordination

Export and import patient details from one EHR application to another.


Create and configure clinical and patient reminders.

Rule Engine icon
Rule Engine

Easily automate tasks to avoid repetition and save time.

Address Book

Organize, update, and access vital contact details effortlessly.


Refine patient information flawlessly: clear requests from patients or insurance providers, precise edits, and accurate records.


Analytics Dashboard

From clinical insights to financial trends, make informed decisions and elevate patient care quality with precision.

Scheduling Workbench Dashboard

Enroll patients, send forms, verify insurance, request authorizations, and schedule appointments in a few clicks.

Encounter Review Dashboard

Keep track of the assigned encounter notes to review or
sign off.

Dispense Dashboard

View the list of prescriptions, estimates, payment status, and print prescriptions.

Office Manager Dashboard

Keep track of the providers’ daily appointment schedule and intake form status.

Specimen Collection Dashboard

Streamlining Specimen Management: Efficiently handle lab orders, locate collections, and input results with ease.

System Configuration

Form Builder

Drag and drop the fields to build your own forms.

Combination Forms

Build customized forms for better communication between patient and provider.

Code Types

Facilitates the management of medical codes used for healthcare diagnosis, procedures, and services.

Audit Log

Capture the user's granular interactions in the application.

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